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Thursday, August 21, 2014


The situation in Ferguson Missouri continues to deteriorate as curfew is imposed and the Governor calls in the National Guard. 

We have the Live Streams of 
PANDA's Dan JohnsonGlobal Revolution AnonymousJames from The InternetActivist World News NowInfowarsVice News, Fox2News, "I am Mike Brown from Ferguson MOLiberty News MediaFilm The Police PortlandVice News' Tim Pool and STL County Police Scanner. (you can view all live streams below).  
Reddit also has a live stream gathering all the information coming out as it happens here
If you lose the connection, refresh screen.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Was Kajieme Powell Really Holding High a Knife When Shot to Death by Police?

After St. Louis police shot to death 25-year-old Kajieme Powell yesterday (as mentioned in Elizabeth Nolan Brown's post below)—and apparently for good measure cuffed his corpse, says an eyewitness at the scene of the video below around 2:45—St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told the press that he was a clear and present danger to the officers, having, as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, "pulled out a knife and came at the officers, gripping and holding it high, Dotson said." The Huffington Post reported Dotson as saying the knife was in an "overhand grip."
This cell phone video—alas from pretty far away—does not look to me like Powell was raising his arms. Nor does it show any obvious sign that I can see of a knife at all, but I can't be sure of that. But the position of his arms seems clear enough to me when the shots that killed him begin, around 1:35 or so of the video.
The video. Yes, it's disturbing:
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BREAKING: SpecOps Forces Being Deployed in Ferguson, MO

Asymmetric Solutions, a private contractor firm consisting of retired U.S. Navy Seals and Army Special Forces, announced via social media that they have been called up for deployment in Ferguson, MO.

The announcement came via a tweet and did not include specifics of the deployment.

Via 1776 Channel:
Missouri-based private security contractor Asymmetric Solutions, which employs elite former U.S. military special operators, tweeted Tuesday afternoon that the company is deploying a “high threat team in our own city”.
When responding via Twitter to a request for information, a spokesperson said “we cannot professionally hand out that information, regardless of client or location. We put a security team of former SOF personnel into the STL area at the request of a client.”
The entire tweet reads “We’ve been to Baghdad, Kabul, KL, Manilla, Peshwar, Bogata. Never guessed we would deploy a high threat team in our own city. #furgeson”.
Asymmetric Solutions employs former U.S. Navy SEALs and Army special operators.
The group later clarified their mission is one of “escort detail augment for individual” in Ferguson. One might be able to assume this means they will be a part of additional security detail for DOJ head Eric Holder or other high profile individuals.

In any event, it’s profoundly interesting that the same sort of security detail needed in hot zones of Iraq is now necessary in Ferguson, MO.

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Researchers find security flaws in backscatter X-ray scanners

Editor's note: Latest research highlights the ongoing ruse of supposedly tightened airport security. Meanwhile, those who profited from these scanners laugh all the way to the bank. Then of course there are the negative health effects
Photo: Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications

Activist Post

A team of researchers from the University of California, San Diego, the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University have discovered several security vulnerabilities in full-body backscatter X-ray scanners deployed to U.S. airports between 2009 and 2013.

In laboratory tests, the team was able to successfully conceal firearms and plastic explosive simulants from the Rapiscan Secure 1000 scanner.  The team was also able to modify the scanner operating software so it presents an “all-clear” image to the operator even when contraband was detected.

“Frankly, we were shocked by what we found,” said J. Alex Halderman, a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan. “A clever attacker can smuggle contraband past the machines using surprisingly low-tech techniques.”

Staged Provocations Ahead of Possible US-Syrian War

Tony Cartalucci

With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region. 

While the focus has been on ISIS in Iraq, there is still another war - linked directly to Iraq’s current conflict - being waged across the border in Syria. Syrian forces have continued making gains across the country, routing NATO-backed terrorist forces and restoring order in cities and towns that have been ravaged by war for years. ISIS strongholds in the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa, have until now long escaped the focus of Syrian forces occupied by more urgent campaigns around Hama, Homs, Damascus, Daraa, Idlib, and Aleppo. Now, the Syrian Army is shifting forces east. 

Cyborg Moth "Biobots" Preparing For Flight

Photo credit: Alper Bozkurt
Nicholas West

The military-science industrial complex continues its pursuit of modeling drones after nature in order to hide in plain sight. While there have been some successes in this area with systems like RoboBee, nature's flight pattern is proving to be difficult to perfectly replicate, as well as providing steep challenges in energy consumption.

Enter cyborgs. While mice have long been tested upon in the areas of direct mind control, it is cyborg insects that are currently leading the way. In October of last year, I wrote about a pet cyborg project called RoboRoach that was essentially open source, mail order neurosurgery for kids. While few people seem to have ethical concerns over insects, we would do well to take a look at how the mechanization of living beings is starting, and where it ultimately might be heading. 

Database Shows What Military Equipment Your Local Police Department Has Been Stockpiling

image source
Mac Slavo

There’s no doubt that domestic law enforcement agencies on every level have been ramping up their militarization efforts in recent years. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that it has prompted Senator Rand Paul to call for a demilitarization of domestic police departments. “The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action,” notes Paul in a recent article.

We know that the Department of Homeland Security has been buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, military grade rifles, armored vehicles, riot gear and a host of other supplies. But local police stockpiles have remained fairly hidden from the public, save for the brief peeks we get during mass policing actions like those in Ferguson, Missouri over the last week.

But if you’re interested in what your local county has been stockpiling compliments of The Department of Homeland Security, a database from the military’s Defense Logistics Agency can help.

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